Carbohydrates and flower development in avocados

Carbohydrates and flower development in avocados Dr Elmi Lötze (Head of ITEST™CARBOHYDRATES and ITEST™LEAF) and Wilmé Brown (Plant Physiologist) Flower development requires energy Avocado trees flower in abundance, though only a small percentage of these flowers set and develop into mature fruit. This process is influenced by carbohydrates and plant hormones. Carbohydrates (sugar and starch) […]


Give potatoes a boost with INVIGORATE™ By Marné Vermaak (Agronomist) and Gideon Celliers (Senior Agronomist), Agri Technovation The general needs The number of potato tubers to be produced per potato plant is determined by the climate, agricultural practices and the specific variety’s potential. While weather patterns can to some extent be predicted, they cannot be […]

Data mining in grain: Optimal profit management

Coenraad Janse van Rensburg, Data Scientist Theuns van Wyk, Soil Scientist Marnus Ferreira, Head of Soil Science  Unlock the potential of your soil Agri Technovation measures the value of soil classification and fertility as well as the influence of the soil physical and -chemical properties on crop yield. Soil classification drives informed cultivation and management […]